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In today’s business world, digital marketing plays a vital role in staying competitive in your niche. Through digital marketing, businesses reach new heights and market their products a lot more effectively on the digital space.

Digital marketing requires a very strategic approach in order to be successful. This is why businesses usually hire digital marketing specialists to help them with their campaign on the digital space.

Be More Efficient Digital Marketers

Let’s face it, running digital marketing campaigns isn’t a walk in the park. It requires time, effort, strategy, and a whole lot of consistency for your digital marketing campaign to work. If you are a business owner who’s already juggling time and effort for tasks in your business, adding digital marketing to that would seem impossible.

This is why it’s important to have a digital marketing virtual assistant. If you’re planning on running campaigns on social media, it’s ideal to have a social media virtual assistant. By having a remote social media manager, you are able to be efficient in the digital space without having to worry that you no longer have time for other things.

Our social media specialists and digital marketers are equipped with the right technical skills to ensure that your campaigns in the digital space are approached strategically to yield results.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing has always been a valuable strategy. Since the start of people transitioning to emails, companies have already capitalised on email marketing. Our virtual digital marketing specialists are ready to help you set up an email marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, any business not on social media spaces is a business that is extremely lagging behind. While it’s proven that social media marketing creates great results, it can easily get rigorous and very time and energy consuming. Get consistent with your social media campaigns through our remote social media managers.

Lead Generation

Leads are the bloodline of any business. A healthy business needs steady lead-generation in order to scale and grow. Get your lead generation campaign up and running. Hire a social media marketer today.

Customer Service

While getting leads is great, maintaining your current customers is also crucial for a healthy running business. Customer service requires response from different queries and what best way to manage this by having a social media VA in your team.


One of the most popular strategies today is SEO. SEO has proven to be a great magnet for new leads and also for building your reach. Through our digital marketers, you can start boosting your SEO and start making that noise on the digital age.

Content Creation

Without content, marketing your product on the digital space would be difficult. Relevant content targeted to the right audience can easily attract and catch an audience. Get content up and running for your business through our social media marketing virtual assistants.

Here’s How our Digital Marketers Impact Your Business

Here’s How Our Digital Marketers Can Help Your Business

Digital marketing has become an essential strategy of any business in any niche. Through digital marketing, businesses are able to grow and scale without having to spend too much.

Digital marketing is very cost-effective but the trade off is that it requires a lot of effort to correctly pull off. Campaigns are often long-term and can run for a good duration and even after big campaigns, digital marketing still requires consistency in terms of managing social media, creating content on the digital space, and engaging with new potential leads.

For a business owner with a small team, this can easily be overwhelming. This can take up a lot of a person’s time and if the person is not equipped with the right skills, they can easily end up spending all their resources for nothing.

This is where we come in. By delegating social media marketing, you are able to check that off of your to do list and you can start using your energy for greater things. 

I initially resisted to get help because I did not believe anyone can represent my brand, mission, and vision the same way I can honour it at the level and depth that I want and needed in order to bring the brand to the market.

I engaged The Speed Up Co to assign me a VA to help me with graphics creation, with video repurposing. It was the best decision that I have ever made for my business, myself, my relationships, and my life. That is not an understatement.

I can personally attest that the whole team has been understanding, supportive, and they have helped me on the process of letting go and trusting. I am so grateful to all of them doing wonders for my business.

Michael Lauria
Mens Coach, Author, Speaker
Hired a Social Media Manager

I have worked with this team for the last several months, and all I can say is wow – they over deliver! They helped me fulfill several months of orders for citations and backlinks that I needed help with, and they always did it with a smile. They are a fabulous team to work with and I highly recommend them.

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Hired a Backlinks Virtual Assistant

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