Executive Virtual Assistants

Are your everyday tasks starting to overwhelm you? Well, the good news is you don’t have to do that all by yourself! Our trained executive virtual assistants are ready to fill in for the administrative roles to help you accomplish day-to-day tasks getting more things done for your business.

Keep Track of Your Business with Our Executive Virtual Assistants

We understand how important yet time consuming it is to keep track of your business. During the crucial growth stage of businesses, it’s common to find yourself overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities. This is a clear sign that it’s time to grow the team and start delegating the tasks.

Our executive virtual assistants are ready to reduce that load off of your back! They are ready to take on administrative tasks giving you the support you need. Have a clear mind for more important matters while ensuring that your business is growing in the right direction.

What can we do for you

Administrative Work

Let’s face it, administrative work is not the most exciting task, but it still NEEDS to be done. Well lucky for you, you can check this off of your to-do’s as our executive virtual assistants are ready to do the administrative work for you.

Email Management

Don’t miss an email, a message, or an important inquiry. We know it’s tough to micromanage all these messages coming in, so leave that to us! Get informed with important emails while we filter out those that aren’t important.

Customer Support

Need good client management and support to answer inquiries and questions? Our executive virtual assistants are ready to answer queries and questions coming from both your existing and potential customers. Increase your response rate and give the AAA support your customer deserves.


At the growth stage, you’ll find that a lot of the tasks are pretty much all over the place. Our executive VAs can help you map out SOPs for tasks needed to be done to make them flow a lot better. This helps systemise things and strengthens the structure of your business.

Trustworthy Team Member

Our pool of VAs are carefully screened to ensure that we are delivering only the best possible VAs for your business. “Trust” is definitely something we value and we ensure that our VAs are trustworthy companions that will help make your business better.

Business Growth

With more work getting done, having an executive VA in your team is sure to secure that steady growth that your business needs. Through our skilled outsourced VAs, you can attain business growth goals without breaking bank and accounting for overhead costs.

Here’s How Our Executive Virtual Assistants Impact Your Business

Get More Things Done With Less

We understand that you want to get more done but can no longer exert the time and energy for it (as well as stretch that budget too much), and this is exactly why you need an executive virtual assistant. Having an executive virtual assistant on board means less time you need to consume doing these tasks and also means less you need to spend for having that additional member in your team.

Executive VAs provide a cheaper option when wanting to expand your team while still guaranteeing that the job gets done. Compared to hiring a full time and accounting for overhead costs, executive virtual assistant proves to be a much more economic choice, especially for the early stages of your business.

Executive VAs Help Create Structure

One of the most important things to go after during the growth period of your business is structure. Executive VAs are a big help when wanting to create a solid structure as they’ll help map out processes and SOPs for you and help with ensuring that the tasks are done.

Structure helps pave the way for a steady growth path for your business and while we believe that you are an amazing entrepreneur, no one’s pulled it off by themselves. When you hire through us, we’ll present you a pull of super VAs that’s sure to be a valuable addition to your organisation.

I want to thank The Speed Up Co for being the bridge to finding my value-match virtual assistant. I have decided to increase additional hours of work with your team. My virtual assistant has exceeded all my hopes. The relationship flows so easily and I am so excited to connect with her each day.

Zoe Martin
Parent Coach
CEO of, The Neurodivergent
Hired A Social Media Manager & Warm Lead Nurture Virtual Assistant

I work with The Speed Up Co for Virtual Assistant services and my clients say that my VA is a superstar. I think that’s awesome!

Chaz & Jackie
Founder, Robusq Group
Hired a Social Media Analyst & Sales Support

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